Nomex 164, built by Antti, Finland
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,

Just finished my first speaker build ever and big thanks to Your design. Noticed a couple of months ago Peerless Nomex 164 speaker project on Your site and read all builders responses. I was looking a cost effective solution with simple structure and this project seemed to had all the bits in a correct place.

I wanted to make them a bit curved and decided to laminate them from 5 layers of 4mm birch ply. Front panel is made from birch which has a 21mm birch ply behind to prevent it from bending.  When making, I noticed that the last birch ply could actually be the final surface for the sides. In these pictures sides are not in their final colour, I'm gonna make them a bit darker but still maintaining the "wooden feeling". Also that floor stand is temporary until I find a proper outriggers for them.

At the moment I'm still looking for a proper positioning for them, but they sound just great already. I running them from Dared Vp-16 tube amp and source is mainly my tweaked Lenco GL78. You can check more my project pictures behind this link: but I'll insert a couple of pictures here.

Big thanks to You! You and Your site Rock!