Nomex 164 mkII, built by Charles
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels 
I have just finished the speakers and I have attached some photos. I have more photos if you would like them. I build them to your specifications then sprayed them gloss white, which turned out really nice.  I just want to thank you for sharing your designs with the DIY community and for answering my questions, thank you. I have played the speakers for approximately 6 hours but they already sound fine. I’m very pleased with their performance. I would like to agree with comments that the speakers sound very good with piano and voice, in fact with all percussion they sound very good.  
If there are DIY speaker builder out there thinking about making these speakers but are little hesitant, don’t be, they are fine speakers, I sure the better your gear the better they will sound.
Kind regards