NOMEX-164-mkII, built by Christopher
Copyright 2024 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels, well the last time I talked to you, I built the Nomex 164s on a flat baffle with a 5° tilt and you sent me a graph showing me what that looked like, so here we are I rebuilt, another set of enclosures with the correct parameters, I was certain that I wasn’t gonna be able to tell the difference, but lo and behold there is a difference. I just can’t believe such a small offset (19-20mm) can make that much difference. It literally sounds like a different speaker.
Excellent job on squeezing every bit of what these drivers  are capable of, last photo are my version of tube connectors , 4mm I.d fits banana plug perfect, now I have a pure copper run from the back of the amplifier to the drivers.