NOMEX-164-mkII, built by Dave, USA
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

I just wanted to email you and let you know that at LONG LAST I have completed my first speaker of yours. It is the Nomex 164 mk2 and I wanted to do it to gain experience before embarking on The Loudspeaker.
I was going to do the woodwork with a buddy and give these to him, but he bailed, so I'm going to sell them to keep building.
Your sound is truly wonderful, I felt I could hear into the artists minds as they were singing. The top-end clarity leaves nothing to be desired on these bad-boys. The bottom end isn't earth shattering but for the size and passivity of the speakers they are really great! And the bass is very clear.
My favorite aspect of these speakers is their wide sweet spot. It seems like you have found a way to match off axis and on axis responses to a large degree.
I can't wait to build some of your more ambitious projects going forward.
If you know anyone who wants customs or flat packs I'd love to work for cheap just to build up skill and efficiency.
I hope we will be in touch again.
Be happy today,
(Central Texas, USA)