NOMEX 164-mkII and Center 641 NEXT, built by Lucas
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
I would like to send you some pictures of my builds for your webpage.
I built the center 641 Excel in September 2018. After a few hours of "muffled" break-in it started to sound absolutely fantastic. I decided then to look for a suitable pair of speakers for the front of my TV setup and consulted with Troels.
I chose the Nomex 164mkII (level 1) which I built after the center in December 2018. They also sound fantastic on my Onkyo Integrated AV Amp.
As a first time loudspeaker builder I found the webpage and the support of Troels extremely helpful. Especially cutting into the tweeter for the Center 641 needed some encouragement, but it all worked out as planned.
I painted the speakers with water based color in gray-ish tone. The "shabby chic finish" was not intended, just caused by my sub-par painting skills. But I like the look, so, all is well. ;-)
Thanks again, Troels, for your webpage and support. I can only encourage anyone to have a go at building their own speakers. It was a rewarding experience and the sound achieved with Troels' designs are far beyond my (already high) expectation.