NOMEX-164, built by Robert, NL
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels, 
After 4 (!) years I can say I finally finished the speakers !
Busy with work family, house and garden (also a lot of work but will finish that this month !) meant that the project was paused several times. Nevertheless I’m  glad they are finished and playing since last Saturday.
They sound better and better already.  The tweeter is mounted in rubber /silicone rings so uncoupled from the baffle, with its c.over ‘hanging’ in rubber. The low / mid filter is mounted on the bottom. It will take some time until the speakers has reached their full potential, but already the sound is full bodied and clear. 
Thanks for the design Troels and good to see all the new projects on your site ! 
Best regards,