NOMEX164, built by Dana/US
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

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Hey Troels,
Here's some more pictures of the 164's. I got the crossover's hooked up and the drivers installed last night so I can start listening to these. I did not solder the drivers so it will be easy to remove them for painting the cabinets, which I hope to do this weekend. Then I'll solder the drivers in and it will be done. I also still need to build the stand which won't take too long I'm thinking. I was looking at your builder response page and I see Ed/Holland used these Audyn Caps on the tweeters and I read what he said about the break in time on these which I had already read. I am gonna try to leave them on when I go to work tomorrow to get a jump on the break in for these. In any case, just like they are they sound amazing. The thing I was afraid of did not happen and that was that they would not sound as good as my old speakers. My wife is really happy too, and has commented several times about how good they sound. I'm sending you a picture of the finished crossover too. Thanks for your HELPED a TON! In one of the pictures you'll see a print out of it on top of my subwoofer. I used that and printed the picture of your finished crossover. If it looks a little different it is because I bi-wired the drivers so I had to modify it slightly. (I did it right this time, still haven't fixed my center.)
I am pretty sure I am going to build the Peerless 830860's and sell these B&W's I have I use for surround. I think I can get around $700 for them if I remember right.
Finally, I can NOT THANK enough!!!! They already sound better than my ACI's I am also really happy with the bass responce they put out too. That is a real nice bonus. I did not expect them to have this much bass. My neighbor thanks you too who always complains about my subwoofers if I am listening too late at night!!! LOL.
I'll try to get some better pictures too with a better camera when it's all done so you can put them on your website! I still plan on adding some acousta-stuff from Parts Express soon also, have to figure out how much I need. I used that same sonic foam I used in the center but I want to add that other stuff as well.

Here's a few pictures taken with a camera instead of "camera phone"...The last picture is taken in my dust filled garage, hence the halos... Tomorrow I am gonna Clear Coat the front so I'll take better pictures of it finished tomorrow.
The pictures are as follows... #1. Filling all the screw holes #2 & 3. Holes all filled and sanded and now  has 2k Automotive Primer The last one is 2 coats of base coat Black with no Clear. It has a slight satin finish depending of the surface it is sprayed on and how it is applied etc without clear coat. I'll take pictures outside in the sun, you'll be able to see better in those pictures.
2 K primer is an activated primer. It has great fill properties and dries hard and flexible with great chip resistance and solvent resistance. Which will also help prevent the base coat from chipping too easily. I also activated the base coat, which you do not have to do if it is going to be cleared, and for interior use like this probably doesn't matter, but I hope to get a lot of mileage out of these. I left an access panel on the back to allow me to upgrade the crossover if I want/can at a later date.  Hope to have both cabinets done this week, then I can CLEAN my garage!!!! Didn't realize how much dust this was gonna produce. As always thanks for everything! Regards, Dana

Well I got the Acousta-Stuff tonight and added it. I forgot I still need to solder the drivers but I'll do that later. Everything else is done!!! Thanks again for everything and here's some final pictures. The first one is of the Cabinet and crossover where I added some foam pads after this picture plus the polyfill stuff. The rest are just the driver wholes after adding the polyfill and then finally in my living room. In the last picture you can see how nice everything looks with the center channel too! Time for some ROCKING. Lets see if I can make my neighbor call me! HAHA!

Update 2015:
Hi Troels,
I built the Nomex 164 back in 2012.  You probably don't remember but I had some problems with the tweeter sounding harsh and I tried a couple of your suggesting, and some from DIY audio forums, and then I finally put the tweeter from my old speakers in the Nomex's and I was happy that. But somebody suggested in might be my Adcom amps and I have been looking to replace them with a better amp.
I was able to pick up a nice Parasound amp on eBay. As soon as I hooked up the new amp, I could tell it sounded too mellow. So I put the HDS tweeter back in the speaker....and all I can say is UNBELIEVABLE!! 
Everything about this speaker now sings! It truly has given me a new respect for your speaker designs (you) and what can be accomplished by DIY'ers. I would have rated this speaker based on a level of something like a $2000 speaker before. My brother has a pair of Dunlavy speakers, and while I haven't heard them in a couple years I honestly cannot say that they can sound that much better, especially since he's running Mark Levinson gear etc! Now with my new amp I'd say these Nomex's could easily sell for $5000....
I wanted to build something else...but these sound so good now ....I am just floored at the music coming out of these speakers...I am truly in awe!!! And I get to tell people "I built those." But don't worry...I ALWAYS give you the credit you deserve when I talk about this stuff!
You've made me very happy!!!!
Any way I just wanted to say thank you....... again!