Nomex 164, built by Nigel, AU
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


Sorry for taking so long to get these to you.
Friends of mine had pitiful 'speakers', and I call them that to be kind. As a gift to them I built them a set of your Nomex 164's. I've built them as 40L, using 25mm mdf, glued and screwed. Friends decided on full coverage (front back sides top) with Queensland Walnut veneer. Soon they will have black grills to help protect against the little fingers that they will soon have in the house. I painted the driver openings black to help hide the small gap between driver and timber. They are finished with 4 coats of gloss 'wipe on poly'. Just enough to seal the timber yet still retain the look and feel of the timber grain.
They only used 1 sheet of mdf, and 1 of veneer, making them budget friendly speakers with a final build cost around Au$1,300. Make no mistake, they need breaking in. Once they have though. Wow.
On a small 25W class A amplifier, they fill a 6m x 7m open lounge room with great ease and far more bass than expected. I can't think of a thing they do wrong.
My friends love them, and others that have heard them can't believe the fullness and clarity that comes from such a small package. Troels, Thank you for your dedication to your hobby.
Nigel, Brisbane, Australia.