NOMEX164, built by Drew, Canada
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen


Greetings from Vancouver! Last Winter I decided to take on another speaker build to replace a pair or Zaph's SR-71's I'd built a few years back. I finally settled on your Nomex-164 design, ordered the parts and got to work. The cabinets are 40L and the bodies are made of birch ply. The baffles are 3/4 inch pine with 1/4 inch HDF glued to the inside with construction adhesive for rigidity. I used open cell foam and poly fill on the inside. I've since added more poly fill in the bottom chamber to tame some boomyness that was a problem in the large room they're in. All internal wiring is Supra cable and as you can see the crossover is mounted in the "shoe" for easy access. I've used Solen and Madisound air core inductors, Solen fast caps and MOX resistors. All components are currently the exact values specified in your design. These speakers have been a revelation and have provided a great deal of enjoyment. I would like to take the chance to thank you for your website and contribution to DIY! 
Now to my question... I've spent seven months getting to know the 164's now so I have a very good sense of them. This was all with R1061 in place. Last night I removed R1061 to see what they sounded like flat. I rolled though a few different tubes to try and tame them a little but still find them harsh with this resistor removed. With R1061 in place I find them just a little too reserved for my taste. With it removed they sound sibilant and sharp. Any recommendations for an adjustment that would add just a tiny touch more life and crispness to these without going nearly as far as the removal of R1061 did? I feel that the design with R1061 in place is very close to perfection for my ears but just needs a little something more.
Thanks for your time and expertise! Cheers, Drew

Hi Drew, -try 22, 33 or 47 ohms for R1061. 22 ohms may not do much. BR Troels