NOMEX 164, built by Grayden

I have recently completed building a new set of stereo speakers for the family living room using your Nomex 164 speaker design and thought it would be good to show my appreciation for your work on this design and making it available for others to use. My family and I are all enjoying the sound they produce. These speakers replace my previous DIY effort which has served me well for over 15 years. I decided to build my own replacements because I enjoy the process of evaluating designs, deciding on cost limit and the pleasure and satisfaction in building and listening to my own handiwork. I like the PMS speaker design, the wide baffle solution seems to have a lot of merits, however the shape would be incompatible with the living room space available. There are number of things that made me settle on the Nomex 164 design. First off, I like your design approach and philosophy. I also think the 2.5 way approach is a great solution to a number of loudspeaker design challenges. The design also needed to meet the WAF and look good in the living room and not take up too much space, slim line enclosures certainly work well. Cost was another factor, although I consider these speaker cost me a lot of money it needs the balanced against what I can get for my money and I think this is a good break point. Builders should always factor in the cost of a good crossover which, for this design, was nearly as much as the cost of the drivers. World copper prices would seem to contribute significantly to this. The need for good sized copper wire for the coils makes sense to me. I have never been a fan of speakers on stands, why waste the space under the speaker, so floor standing speakers are always my preference! I also wanted a speaker that gave good controlled bass and one that could produce loud music when needed. Good work Troels, these speakers will give my family and me a lot of enjoyment for years to come. I have attached a couple of photos for interest.