Peerless Nomex 164 mkII, built by Giacomo

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Mr. Gravesen,
I hope this mail finds you well!
I'm reaching you for an update on the Nomex 164 mk II project and to ask you for an advice.

In fact, I completed the construction almost a year ago (I still have to veneer them to be honest) and I'm extremely satisfied of the result!
I love the way they sound as well as the way they look! Well balanced sound, with powerful bass and really enjoyable all over the spectrum (to my humble opinion).
I power them through a 50W NU-Force IA-7, and I mostly play FLAC material or vinyls through a DIY "Well Tempered Lab" clone player.
I also want to report that the construction plans were perfect and the building went along without issues.
Also the communication with Jantzen Audio was extremely satisfactory.
I attach a couple of pictures; the room usually has drapes over all the glass walls to dampen reflections, and absorbent materials on the ceiling. 

I wanted to give you this small review to post it on the website, if you think it is appropriate, to foster this creation of yours.

That said, as anticipated, I would also like to ask for your advice: We are moving to a smaller house and my wife clearly explained to me that the  Nomex 164 are not "welcomed" there... This of course upset me a bit since I made the Nomex to keep them for a long time, but in the end I understand her reasons (ah, love...), and after extensive talking it came out clear that bookshelf speakers would be a perfect compromise.

Looking on your website, Bookshelf 3WC came out as a perfect solution, since they also share the tweeter with the Nomex...
Now it comes the big question: Would it be possible to re-use also at least part of the crossover components to save some money? Unfortunately I'm always on a budget...
I would buy the rest of the components, bits and parts from Jantzen, of course!

Waiting for your kind reply,
I wish you a pleasant Sunday and all the best from Italy.
Have a nice day,