Peerless NOMEX164, built by Ed
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,

The Nomex164 project is finished since Christmas and they have had about 30 hours of music and "burn in sounds". At first they didn't reached there sensitivity quit noticeable switching to my 87db set but after a couple of hours they became much louder. It was also if they were standing behind a curtain and sounding a bit harsh in the high section but when time passes by everything became better and better. Now they give a very good soundstage with lots of detail and a surprisingly low, good controlled, bass.
With these you don't need a sub for music purpose ( I chose the 40 litre version) The tweeters are sounding better minute after minute for the big white audyn plus caps need some time but will get there! As you can see in the pictures I build the high and low filters separately for bi-wiring and placed the first at the top and the other at the bottom. I filled it up under the BR port with monacor MDM-3 high end pads.
Conclusion: a very good floorstander worth every euro I spend and the longer you listen, you hear less "speaker" and more music.
Thanks Troels for sharing this with us.
gr Ed