Peerless NOMEX, built by Tomas
Copyright 2011 © Troels Gravesen

Good morning Mr. Gravesen,
My name is Tomas Choutka and I live near Prague, capital of the Czech republic. I would like to provide you with response on your Peerless Nomex design.  Where to start? Well, with a thank definitely! Not a surprise for me that most DIYers responses starts with great thanks to you and your unique web page! I will do the same not just because it is polite to do so, and I am full of “finished speaker satisfaction”, but because I strongly believe that your contribution to DIY community is something we should be grateful to…. No doubts there are others with similar knowledge and experience, they may be others handsome as you are and you can always find people ready to share their experience with others. But combination of it all, together with modesties and humility to anything new or of different conception is quite rare. I feel not only interest but Love behind your efort and that is how work should be done! My thanks, my hope and my wishes to keep it going.
Last but not least, my thanks goes also to your wife/family (please tell them!). Looking at huge amount of your work presented on your web makes me clear that it would not be possible without support of your nearest. I hope they will appreciate that even some anonymous diyers take care!
That is what I had in my mind, now to my response. Please find enclosed the final result of my Peerless Nomex 164 (zip file).
Even though I have never built speakers before, I chose curved cabs. Also lacquer + wood combination is not mass market path. Hard to say if this “look” will suite anyone taste, but for me it was the best I could do at the moment with my skills and for total expense of 700 Euro. When building, I was grateful for any through DIY report available elsewhere on the web so I did it too. Find bellow some snapshots with comments related to particular periods in building. Feel free to use it either completely as it is, or cut anything redundant. Should you wish higher res. pics, please let me know.
And what about a sound?
You know it anyway and It would not be fair from me to give any serious evaluation of the sound as my listening experience with various loudspeakers is poor and gear is ... even poorer. But you can be sure I like them a lot. They offer anything one could expect from so called “hifi” and they can be listened for hours. Music entertains me! One comment could be useful for you and others anyway. They are not lost in huge rooms! I try them in typical small room of 20 m2 close to wall, but also in my living room of roughly 70 m2 and free of walls! Even with week amp they can play loud, they provide quite huge soundstage and the bottom end still keeps its authority for the tiny floorstanders.
Now, back to the beginning, thank you Troels!! (and sorry for such a long e-mail :-)