OBL-15, built by Bernhard
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
Today I heard Strawinsky's Rite of Spring and Firebird suite and body count (born dead cd) at concert sound level. This was totally amazing! There are so much details and you can much more hear the room of the recording. I mean you really can imagine, what the room ambiance of the recording looks like. Hearing different types of music for maybe 15 to 20 hours now, I was mostly impressed of classical tunes percussions and wind instruments. The dynamics of the speakers are scary! I cannot here any distortion at very high sound levels where I don't want to turn volume any louder! Even at "normal" sound levels, they sound very detailed!

Before i listened to a very very good 3 way seas excel speaker with 22TAF/G tweeter,W15CH001 midrange and W22EX001 bass. I added a picture of them. These are the CT 248 XXL. I love them for transparency, neutrality and their all-round quality's. You can hear every kind of music with them, without getting tired......
Its hard to compare the CT248XXl and the OBL-15. If i had to give one pair away, it would be the 248. But i am lucky to keep them all. I also build a monitor with Thiel Audio SCS3-N MKII. These are the best in soundstage and detail. But they are not good with any type of music
,you cannot here loud and with some music you will be stressed very fast. Also i already heard many different speakers from many manufacturers and from the DIY scene.
The OBL-15 are one of the best i ever heard!
Thanks you for these (very huge) things!
You can post everything on your website i wrote you in this mail, also the photos and my errors :) Or some excerpts, because posting everything is too long maybe.
P.S.: i am also highly impressed of the bass now. Its very different from a closed box or bass reflex.Its just all there with such simplicity. I think its more bass now, than I was hearing at the first hours!