OBL-15, built by Peter, Sweden
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
First a big thank you, for your work and writings! I've read a lot on your pages and I'm truly impressed. It's very generous of you to let us share your knowledge.
I've built your OBL-15, I have a suitable listening room and wanted to go for the best. I changed the design a bit, typical diy:er I guess. A little bigger, 122 x95x40 cm,
I'm single, so no WAF-problem. But I have my cat, and she is curious, so I made a protective front grille. Used the Eminence deltalite II 2515 and the Audax. As you can see on the pictures I filled the backside with damping material (a blend of syntetic and sheep wool, from HIFI KIT in Stockholm) and I built freestanding soundabsorber from the same material.
I love the OBL-15 sound, very clear and detailed and the bass is wonderful. Now I can listen to all my LPs and CDs att again, feeling much closer to my favorite musicians.
Again, thank you!
Kind regards