Ortofon T5000 step-up
Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

My neighbor had inherited this Ortofon T5000 step-up transformer from his granddad and I had it for loan for some time, thoroughly enjoying it together with my Ortofon Anna D and also the My Sonic Lab Eminent EX cartridge. Eventually he wanted to sell it - and I bought it.
I can't say for sure it's better than the SUT from my EAR-912 and EAR-868PL, but at least as good. Now stationary with my EAR-868 workshop system.
I've done a lot of search for the manual of the T5000, but without luck. Should anyone be in possession of the manual, I'd be highly grateful for a copy.
I found one Japanese guy selling his T5000 (pics below) and showing a data sheet in Japanese and some comments to the manufacture of this SUT. Presumably made in Japan, presumably wound with silver wire - and presumably better than current Lundahl trannies. Nothing on Ortofon website on these old SUTs. They aught to have a more comprehensive list of vintage products and downloads, I think.



Here's my Google Translate using the camera.
Some of it makes sense :-)