Vifa PL18WH/XT25TG, built by Peppe, Italy
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen


Hello Troels,
My name is Peppe and I write from Italy. Thanks to your project, I just finished to complete these speakers:
My system is new, but small and modest. I purchased the pieces two weeks ago:
CD player: NAD C516BEE
Signal Cable: RAMM Elite 30
Integrated Amplifier: NAD C356BEE
Power cable: Supra Classic 4.0
Speaker: Vifa XT25 + PL18 (Supra classic 1.6/2.5)

It 's my first system and I am very satisfied.

I will provide some details on the speakers that I built , and am very satisfied. I used real wood side 7 mm : American walnut . I left natural and I treated it with beeswax and carnauba . The rest I was going to paint it white, like the furniture in the living room . I gave 4 layers of cementite with roller (do not know the exact name , but it is the product that you use on mdf before painting and is usually white) . As a result, I liked it, and instead of spending the paint , I simply applied as a spray plasticizer transparent protection . The crossover is located under the base . I slightly changed the base to fit the furniture in the living room .
My room is large 9m x 4,5 m ( 40.5 m ) . Its height is above average : 3,30 m.
I must say that the plant occupies only half of the room. Speakers + listener is an equilateral triangle with sides of 3.70 m accurate . The fact remains that the environment is great. To the right of the listening I have a wall, while on the left the other half of the room without installation.

I enjoyed very much to build the speakers, and I sincerely want to start with a new project. This time, I'd rather go over the two-way. Feel the need to have greater articulation at low frequencies, since the room is large. I do not want to add an external subwoofer. In particular I'm looking for a project and a half two-way, or maybe a three way you can drive with my amp. The Ekta would be perfect, but the speakers cost so much. Prefer also take components scan speak. There is a project of the ProAc 3.5 clone, or at least a two-way and half configuration of Appolito?
Can you help me?
regards, Peppe