Vifa PL18WO-09-08 + ScanSpeak R2604/832000
Copyright 2009 Troels Gravesen



Download driver specs: Vifa PL18WO-09-08 + ScanSpeak R2604/832000

The series crossover

The voicing of this speaker is fairly bright and I recommend trying further attenuation of the
tweeter by applying a resistor of 1.5-2.7 ohm (blue) before the 22 uF capacitor in the tweeter
section (not before the 0.33 mH coil!)

Crossover Kit

Crossover kit available from Jantzen Audio:

Download Kit Sales Presentation here (zip file)


Left: SPL response of left and right speaker.
Impedance in 24 litre cab, port tuning 38 Hz. Green = with impedance correction (not shown on crossover schematics).

The Cabinet

Cabinet: use TJL design with port dimensions 68 (ID) x 200 mm
Also use same driver placement.

Check e.g. TJL speakers for info on cabinet damping.

My final test set-up: