PMS, built by Dragan
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels
My name is Dragan Prnjatovic. I live in Israel and I am music fan. For me if there is no music there is no life. I listen to Classical, Jazz, Blues and good Rock n Roll. But I also like to enjoy in what I hear. Every note is important.  But to achive this as you know can be very expensive.  I am also engineer and I like to know how things work and to build my own elements. Thats how I found your webpage few years ago I instantly became your fan. I have McIntosh C28 with MC 2105 (secondary amp is Jolida JD1501RC), Jolida CD JD 100, Thorens TD160 MK II. Over the years I changed several speakers and now I own Cabasse IO2 with subwoofer (we have small apartment so I tried to find something my wife can be satisfied). But I dont like very much. There is a lack of woofer in such system. Sub is not enough. So I wanted to make something by myself. I was always skeptical about DIY plans that you can find on the web but with yours I very much wanted to try. The question was what. And at the end I decided to go with PMS.  I ordered a paper cons as I like paper sound more. I made a purchase with Jantzen and everything was perfect.. They are professional. I took me sometime to build everything and I still didnt make the finish (veneering and dying) but it works like that for more than a month.See attached pic. And it really works great. Like you sad: "...I actually wonder if I should quit speaker building here".