PMS, built by Daniel, Canada
March 2011

Dear Troels
I can send you a few photos of the speakers I made using your design.I also have some pictures during fabrication. I started this project in winter of 2009-2010 and I completed the speakers in spring of 2010 without the finishing. I've set aside the finishing because I wanted to listen to them right away. This year I started to do the finishing. The fabrication was not very difficult,with CNC.Just a lot of dust and noise.The finishing (wood veneering, the top and the bottom of hardwood, the stands) is not too bad (I think..) but not as good as I expected. That's it. Sometimes we have to complete a job in order to know how it is really done.  owever, I am happy that it's finally done.
The speakers are monsters: each one weights 43 kg. The sound is just impressive: detailed, clean and powerful.
My whole system is: amp push-pull KT88 and 6922 in differential input, preamp SRPP 6922 (both diy), Marantz cd5001 with modified analog stage. 
I'm working now on DAC with WM8741 and 6n23P-ev on analog output. I really thank you for your special work and for sharing it to others.
Best regards, Daniel, Canada