PMS, built by Mike Kelly/US

Hi Troels,
OK, I have them playing (on temporary bases) now for 3 days or so and they are sounding very good. I am coming from listening to an Oris Horn system using AER full range drivers so the sound is very different. As you know, speakers are like life... full of compromises (at least married life!). I am also used to 15" woofers so I am augmenting the bass a little bit with an older Hsu sub. All in all I like them a lot already and I think they will need plenty of break in time to sound their best. I will say that the room does disappear. I find sitting fairly close (8 to 10 feet) yields the best results but I am still playing with positioning.   More later when they are really complete (proper bases and x-over covers) and they are more fully broken in.   Thanks again for a great design and sharing it with your "friends" around the world.   All the best,   Mike Kelly