PMS, built by Patricio/Spain
Dec 2009

Hi Troels,
For several months my PMS are working. Two tweeters Seas have been tested. I prefer the 27TDC. After several measurements with my Clio and loading the data in my Calsod, I have done several changes:
- The cap C3021=62 uF. I also tried the 47uF.
- The resistor R2011=0.22/0.36 ohm
- The coil L1031=0.12 mH (0.25 ohm)
- The resistor R1011=1 ohm. The tweeter is the 27TDC.
The mid cab is a closed box (4.5 litres). I am testing a LCR-network (to flatten the upper of the two impedance peaks caused by the bass-reflex alignment) and a R-network (to compensates the rising impedance due to the voice-coil inductance). Later, I will tell you my opinion.
This speakers are wonderful and they work very well with my small Trend TA10. The bass is powerful, the mid is very transparent and the highs are very detailed and smooth. Usually, I
listen to classical music and some jazz.Bravo Mr.Troels! Patricio Martínez