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- pics from people in the process of building PMS

A most important response from Paul/London, Canada

Troels,   I am finally getting my PMS's up & running. I started a new business last year & have not had much time for anything else. My intentions are to veneer the cabinets with maple veneer, cover the front add-on speaker baffle with black leather  & design new bases to give them the Sonus Faber look. I have attached 3 photos and have a couple of questions.   1. I stuffed most of the cabinet with Acousti-stuf from Parts Express. I have since removed the stuffing in the lower side sections above the bottom vents. Is all this stuffing okay or what would you recommend? Most of the interior front panel was lined with bitumen & P.E.'s acoustic foam. The back panel had bitumen & foam in the centre of the panel only. The outer curved sections have no damping.   2. Do you think the 19 mm add-on front baffle will affect the wide baffle sound negatively? It is tapered at the top & bottom to mimic the Strad look.   3. I only have one speaker running but it seems to be very lean in the bass range to the point I am a little disappointed.( I will have the second speaker completed tomorrow).  I understand that these bass drivers require a fair bit of run in time. Is it that the woofers just need to be broken in or should I look elsewhere for a solution? Any suggestions? Thank you for all your help and such a wonderful website,   Paul.

Hi Paul.   I'm pretty sure I know why you have too little bass. Try what's seen on the photo.
1) there must not be any damping material blocking the air between the bass driver and the two vents, otherwise the vents won't work.
2) It's important that there are some free passage between the bass driver and the upper part of the cabinet.
3) It looks like there's egg crate foam on all internal panels? If yes, this will be sufficient for most damping. I used 10 mm polyester foam and had the acousta stuff at bottom and top, but most important, not between the bass driver and vents.
4) Egg crate foam right behind the bass driver is fine. Let me hear what happens.
best regards Troels        

Troels,   Thank you for your help. All I can say is ....WOW!. What a difference. I removed the stuffing as you suggested and there was a huge improvement. We then played around with the placement in the room and they really came to life. The bass is deep, fast & clean. The midrange & highs are really fast & detailed. This design has far exceeded my expectations and worth every bit of the small investment. You have my permission to use my photo and show how NOT to stuff your PMS's.  LOL I find it hard to believe that there is a design that will improve the sound produced from the PMS and they aren't even broken in yet. Now I have to find the time for veneer & finishing.   My system currently consists of:   Naim Audio 180 power amp (60W/Ch) 72 preamp with a Hicap power supply Rega Planar 2 turntable with and Origin Live updated tonearm & Dynavector 10X5 MC cartridge Cambridge Audio Cd player. I have a Naim CD2 cd player being shipped to me. This highly rated CD player will greatly improve my system as we all know the front end is the most important link in any system. As you can tell I am quite partial to the Naim Audio sound.   Thank you again for such an amazing speaker and all your help. I will send some photos of my PMS's once they are finished if you would like them.   Paul

PMS under construction by Mike Kelly/US


PMS-EXCEL inspiration from Kimmo/Finland

A very thorough report!

PMS-EXCEL built by Morgan
Should you have any questions about Morgan's project you can reach him here:

PMS under construction by Jarkko/Finland

Hello Troels
Few pictures of the unfinished pms and questions:
picture1: there is now internal braces as you uppdated on your homepage
This looks really good. I'm sure it will pay off.
Picture 2: I thought about using 4mm bitum with the wings, there is only 1 in the picture but it would be used to all 3 retangles with both internal
sides. This is allright?
No problem. Obviously it takes a little volume but not too serious. 1 m^2 of 4 mm should make 10x10x0.04= 4 litre, but then there won't be 4 mm all over the panels.
Picture 3: Should i use bitum inside the middle enclosure? If yes: on all sides of it or just backside like it is now or front around the element and backside?
Probably not necessary with pads around the cab.
Picture 4: Just a close up for the sheer doing of it.
I like it!
Thanks again and looking forward to more.

Best regards

(my comments in bold: Troels)

Aku/Finland made these drawings.

Left: I suggested more rugged vertical braces and Aku made the drawing to the right

- and some days later....Now this starts looking really good.

PMS standard built by Bernt/Norway

PMS PREMIUM built by Patricio/Spain


PMS under construction by Alex