PMS built by Manolis, Greece

Thank you very much Mr Gravesen.
You can certainly drive people to heaven.Your PMS speaker is an excelent project.Very detailed ,very musical,very economical,very,very....... I managed to make 2 wonderful speakers that are going to acompany me for many,many years. Since I am not  an electronic engineer I would never had imagined to make such an effort.But with your kind help I did it. I did everything by the book.I saw all the pictures ,I read all the reports and all your advices.And finally I felt confident to give it a try.
And it paid off 100%.Beautiful and firm low,nice middle and crisp high.Finally an orchestra in my livingroom.You feel you can touch the musicians.
As if they are playing for you. An excelent experience.Go ahead my friends.Take your pick.I am pretty confident that any project will work just fine.Enjoy the music and keep your money in your pocket. An excited Diyer.