PRELUDE, built by Vincent
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels 
Few weeks ago i finished my prelude!
One word for beginning: absolutely wonderful!! I'm loving them the sound is so natural, never harsh, mid and tweeter integration is perfect. bass are what i was looking for a high end loudspeaker, very powerful but always controlled with lot of energy! To be honest I clearly prefer the prelude to the next4 i built last year. I'm not an expert to describe the sound but i clearly found what i always looking for. They definitely will stay at home for long time!! you can feel the singer in front of you.
For this built i keep the medium slice series method . I applied a polyester plastic in order to reach a perfect surface then i use I keep all your internal and drivers placement  recommendations. Thick is minimum 3.5cm and reach 5cm for edge. I put lot of brace inside. Result is that it's just impossible to feel any vibration even with i level electronic sound.
Front and rear are 3mm tick aluminium panel fixed with brass screws, top and bottom are 4mm thickness aluminium panel fixed with wood screw for bottom panel and top with double side scotch tape. So it's possible to take off each panel if paint is damaged or if we want to change color. The crossover take place in a special room in the bottom of the loudspeaker so it is not necessary to take off the drivers to access to it.
Weight of each speaker is approx 75kg, height is 106cm and width 31cm front and 20cm rear. Internal volume for bass driver is 50 liters net and i cut the port lenght to 15cm in order to tune the port to 38Hz. In order to tune my tweeter and bass level to my teste i put 3 double states switch to the rear of loudspeaker. With that I can choose a tweeter attenuation of 2.2, 3.3, 3.9 ohms and a bass attenuation of 8.2 or 15 ohms. My taste is 15 ohms for bass and 3.3 ohms for tweeter.
Thanks a lot Troels, your job is amazing, thanks to share your knowledge to all the world.