Peerless HDS, built by Trond/UK
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels
After a house move, we decided to put together the old amplifier and the old turntable and set up a small stereo in the large bedroom. The speakers we chose, were your HDS design.
These speakers really sound good! If I had never heard the Ellam 2.5s, I would have been very happy with these speakers in the main system. As there is only one woofer and smaller cabinet size, there is naturally a lack of bottom end compared to the other set I have. But have to say they are able to move a lot of air for their size. 
The tweeter is very similar to the one in Ellams. The ones used here in HDS addresses the only negative point I have towards the one in Ellams, as they seem to be less directional. But I have to admit that when sitting in the sweet spot, the Ellams are absolutely fantastic.
The woofer driver recreates voices very well, and when listening to Toto with Miles Davis I have to say the trumpet sounds very good and really lifelike. The integration between woofer and tweeter also seems absolutely seamless, and stereo imaging and soundstage seems very good. I am not sure they are in the perfect spot where they are now, and a bit of moving them around might improve this further. And I believe there is still more refinement to come once they have been used more - so far only 20-25 hours of playing, so not sure they are fully broken in
Very happy now!! Once again, thank you very much for sharing such great designs with us….
A few pictures are attached - if you need better quality ones, please let me know
Best regards