Peerless Adventures by Ed/Holland
Copyright 2011 Troels Gravesen


Hello Troels, 
Earlier this year I build your XT25TG version of the Peerless HDS PBB 830860 as a trail to find out how your constructions sound. Although I'm not really fond of Poly cone woofers I was very pleased in way they performed. I used the 2,2 ohm resistor for R1011 witch made it sound a bit more "open" in my living room. They sound very open, detailed and serene, never to pushy and a good bass production for a small box like these. I added a few pictures of them. 

Now I'm building the Nomex 164 construction. I have a few questions about this. 1. At measurements you talk about: Left: SPL from various tweeter attenuation. Blue with R1051 in place. Red = R1061 left out. Take your pick! Did you mean both in place for blue and only R1061 left out for red? 2. I want to build it tube friendly for a 20watt triode mode and 40 watt ultralinear amplifier so I have to correct the impedance with a correction network, can you suggest one please? Thank you for the effort, Ed/Holland

Hi Ed, Red is with both resistors in place. Blue is with R1051 in place and R1061 left out. Best regards and thanks for response and pics.