Peerless Projects
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NOMEX 164 mkII

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Based on feedback, the NOMEX-164 is one of the most popular speakers in my portfolio. The mkI dates back to 2010 and with the experience gained since then it's time for an update with some modifications allowing a simpler crossover and a lower point of crossover. The speaker now features a better sounding time-aligned 2nd order filter. The NOMEX cones still deliver some of the best midrange money can buy and the 9130 tweeter a treble that ranks among the very best. With 90 dB sensitivity and an easy load, this speaker can be driven from low-wattage/high-quality amplifiers.


Replaced by mkII version above

Peerless HDS164 Nomex 830875 + ScanSpeak D2608/9130

I think these drivers deliver an excellent cost performance ratio and I was really surprised when I made the final set-up in our living room driven by my JungSon class A amp. I usually make my test crossovers from Superior Z-caps, good baked coils and 10 watt MOX resistors and all in all these drivers makes me wonder why I ever spend money on "high-end" drivers. These NOMEX drivers have an excellent midrange presentation and if you're seeking a driver that will handle vocals with grace, try out these drivers. Click heading to go to construction page.

Peerless Center Speaker
constructed by Torben Boegh/Denmark

Peerless HDS 831882 and Vifa XT25TG30-04

An excellent midrange from Peerless 5.25" HDS drivers.

Peerless mini, HDS134-PPB (830860) + ScanSpeak D2604/830000 or R2604/832000

Time for making a substitute for this construction, thus the HDS-PPB version (838060) have been set up with either D2604/830000 or R2604/832000 tweeters. Most small 5" drivers have relatively high Fs and I was curious to hear what this driver could make from ~8 liter cabinet volume and a port tuning of 55-60 Hz. Well, as if often the case we may be surprised from the bass performance of mini speakers and this PPB driver is no exception. What came as an even better surprise was the quality of the midrange. Smooth, clean and very tolerable towards vocals. No nasty cone break-ups, thus I made cumulative spectral decay measurements as can be viewed below. This driver would do excellent too in a 3-way system.

2-way Peerless (HDS 85043) + Vifa XT25TG-30-04
HDS 850443 drivers no longer available.

2 x Peerless HDS164 (850438) + Vifa XT25TG-30-04

This construction comes very close to what I had in mind for a 2-way with the intended features. These speakers will play anything with a wide soundstage, some really good bass and with excellent midrange transparency. Getting the XT25TG tweeter level right is - as always - very important. I have found the 1R5 resistor to the tweeter to give the best results. Usually I start with a too high tweeter level and slowly increase attenuation until a level where it just seems to "disappear", i.e. it gels into the overall sound without making an act of itself. It's a pity Peerless has discontinued these sandwich diaphragms. I hope the new Nomex and PPB cones (see below) will work as good as these do.

Peerless HDS 134 (850488) + Vifa DX25TG
HDS134 850488 no longer available

The HDS134/DX25TG has a very flat response profile and the overall sound is a little more right in your face compared to the Koapong. The HDS134 is indeed a very good driver considering the price and I have no reservation in recommending it. The speakers throw a soundstage that defy their size and with the chosen cabinet volume and vent tuning even some decent bass can be heard. The final cab images are borrowed from Steiner.