Placement of port(s) in vented constructions.
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"Can I place the port(s) on the front?"

One very common question I have from builders. I have asked builders why they have this "fear" of rear placed port(s). Someone out there may have had the "luck" of placing this fear of rear placed ports - or what? I have had no answers from these builders.

Ports usually works in the 30-50 Hz area and we have a wavelength of more than 8 meters for a 40 Hz sine wave. This means the sound in this area i omnidirectional - it goes in all directions, thus it does not matter if the port is front or back. It will blend well with the front placed bass driver. Ports usually leak some midrange - and not the good part, so rear placement is preferred.

A clever guy from Dynaudio has addressed the same question, so no need for me to elaborate further on this matter.

Read here:

I know a lot of you guys hate to read, so here he is with the same thing on youtube:

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