Purifi-6R, built by Jeff
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
My Purifi 6Rs are up and running and they sound FANTASTIC!!!  It’s been an awesome journey, I really enjoyed the building process.  Thank you so much for all of your help throughout!  
I will post these on a number of DIY and audiophile sites and highly recommend your kits.  
Thanks again for your great design and for your help throughout!

My Purifi 6Rs have been breaking in nicely.  I must say these are extraordinarily good speakers.  I’ve had in this room Raidhos, MBLs, YGs, Magnapans, PureAudioProjects, OMAs, DIY open baffles with the terrific Cube full rangers, and DIY Linkwitz LX521s (an extraordinary speaker).  My favorites overall are probably the Maggie’s.  I just love big dipole ribbons.  I have a pair of hot rodded Apogees being built.  Excited for those.  
The Purifi’s are right there with the best of these.  I actually prefer them to the Raidhos and YGs in many respects.  Less fussy.  They have a uniquely crisp and clear sound but with no fatigue.  They completely disappear.  Just great speakers.  
I worked out every detail in the build -didn’t rush any steps.  I followed your instructions exactly (except for my cabinet mods).  I used really good pure copper wire throughout.  Those Purifi mids are really something special.  
Thank you for your wonderful design and assistance on my journey.  It was well worth the effort!