Purifi-6R, built by Paul
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
Happy new year!
I just wanted to thank you for designing such a fantastic speaker. I finished my Purifi 6Rs a week ago and have had them playing 24 hours per day to run them in. I made them in red 19mm Valchromat. They are actually bright red, not brown or pink as they appear in the attached pictures taken in my listening room/practice room/recording studio.
I made a couple of changes, neither of which would affect the sound 1) I mounted the crossovers externally on the back of the speakers and attached the components with cable ties. This is to enable easier repairs, should they become necessary. They are protected by perforated aluminium sheet. 2) You may remember I didn’t like the felt in the port. I sorted that out by giving the felt at the open port end a light misting of satin black automotive paint.
Due to the constraints of the room they are close to the back wall, this caused the bass to be overblown (as it did with my previous speakers). I fixed this with a plug of very open cell foam 4cm deep pushed 8cm into each port.
Thanks again.
Best regards,