QUATTRO, built by Juergen
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

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Hi Troels.
I just finished my Quattro speakers and after 2 weeks hearing all kinds of music with them all I can say is , Wow , I'm more than happy . Just fantastic sounding speakers . No matter what type of music I throw at them , they just sound fantastic. So far I'm using a Wharfedale SW380 subwoofer to support the Quattro . I hope to finish my 2 DIY subs soon but are not in a hurry , since the existing setup is so great sounding. Thanks for this great speaker development , you have a Audio Gem with it.

I have had all sorts of speakers over the last years , A/D/S M15 (Braun M15) , KEF XQ5 , VMPS RM30M , Wharfedale Opus 2-1 , Martin Logan Aerius , DIY GR Research V2 and N2X , DIY Selah Audio Verita , Kingsound Princess , Tekton Lore , ... , but not one comes close to the sound quality of the Quattro !

Since I wanted to be a little bit lazier this time I used the finished 1cubic feet cabinets from Parts Express. Just needed to cut the baffles and assemble everything. I wanted a small footprint and the cabinets have roughly 32 liters volume. I left the original crossover as it is and just changed the length of the tube port to 180mm. The sound coming from the Quattro is natural , without any harshness or muffled sound and they offer great detail and resolution with a wide and deep soundstage . I have a lot of CD's and Records and only a few I would consider are great recordings. I mainly listen to music I like and some of this music isn't that well recorded . Dosen't matter for the Quattro , as these speakers will play everything you throw at them with finesse and grace and they also shine at higher volumes .

I have attached some pictures of the speakers and setup and the speakers the Quattro replaced . Many thanks and great job
best regards