QUATTRO, built by Ben/US
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels.

Wanted to thank you for the great site and all the detailed info on your website. I've spent many hours soaking up information there. Much appreciated.

Decided to build the Quattro's instead of the TQWT or DTQWT based on WAF. The smaller volume opened up some more design possiblities for me. The cabs are constructed with baltic birch ply (18mm) and the veneer is figured walnut finished with oil and wax. The legs are solid figured maple from a tree my brother cut down, finished with a gloss wipe on poly. The port fires downward and the terminals are in the back. The back and bottom are slightly tapered to help break up reflections and because it looks better.

Very happy with the sound. The Audax tweeters paired with the Jantzen woofer really do sound incredible together. Unfortunately it only reinforces the fact that i need to upgrade from my Denon HT amp to something a little cleaner (Jungson?).

The main things i'm noticing from these speakers are how hard it is to locate the sound, and how well they perform off axis. I don't have an "ideal" listening position but they sound very solid from nearly anywhere in the room.

I've been listening to lots of Miles Davis and Radiohead on vinyl, and I just can't seem to get enough of them. Very easy to listen to and its nice to get lost in the details. Very happy and thanks again, Troels.

-Ben, USA