QUATTRO mkII, built by Zsolt, Hungary
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
Happy New Year!
During the Christmas-holiday I finished my Quattro. I attach you some pictures.
Sounds is very good. I have a special tube amp which push the low frequency more than the usual amps (Almarro A318B), so the low frequency was a bit too much. We made a test with a measuring microphone and we found my room is the guilty, because it increase the low frequency. Around 40 – 50 Hz I have some “mountains”, so we made a room-correction based on our measuring, and the final result became marvelous.
Beside the frequencies the Quattro also very good in sensitivity. I found the music very detailed and responsive: it is really a good design with good drivers. We compared it with a Dali Helicon and I found Quattro has the nicer sound. Of course – it is a huge (for me) liter volume box… But as far as I found I cannot have the good sensitivity (90dB +) with smaller boxes.
Best Regards,