ScanSpeak Revelator 4R, built by Ronald, NL

Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
As I mentioned before, I like to send you some pictures of the process of building the Revelator 4 R.
The first picture:
I bought a second hand table of American Walnut wood.
The process of choosing the right parts of it for the front, top etc. gafe more trouble than expected. At last I choose to make the back panels of plywood.
Here are a few pictures of the process of choosing the parts:

The wood has a thickness of 30mm. As you wrote, this thickness can be used in the construction and the loss of volume must be found in enlarging the depth of the box.
The calculation however showed that the impact on the depth would be rather big (350mm.). so I choose to reduce the thickness of the side pannels to 19 mm, + 4mm Lead. Because of the Crossover I reduced the bottom pannel also (partly) to 20mm.
In this picture you can see this reduction

After sanding the boxes grade 120, 240 and at last 400 (all by hand) I finished rhe wood with an oil (3 times). This is a wonderfull process: All of the sudden, the structure of the wood appears.
As we discussed per e-mail, there was a small but important mistake in one of the crossovers.
It took me two days, with your help to find the mistake. But at last, I could test both of them:

Well I’m very satisfied with them, with the sound and with the look.

Best Regards