Revelator-851, revisited
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

I have become so fond of my Revelator-851s that I wanted to hear what would happen if I went all in with regard to crossover components. Thus, I ordered Alumen-Z caps for the midrange and Amber-Z for the tweeter in replacement of Superior-Z and Alumen-Z respectively. The physical result can be seen below. This will not be a standard kit from Jantzen Audio unless you ask for it, as it is pretty expensive to say the least.

Having had the Rev-851 on the floor ever since launch I knew very, very well what it sounds like on all the records I listen to for the time being. My playlist obviously changes over time, but doing such evaluation you have to have a fair amount of records well in mind to hear differences from such small changes, because the change in sound from the standard crossover to the luxury crossover here is small.
What we may experience - or what I experienced - was that I would turn up the volume some 1-1½ dB compared to where my usually attenuation setting would be. This is usually a good sign, as reduced smear and distortion can be very hard to hear as such, as the level of transparency is very much the same as before - but the sound just becomes a tad more smooth and the reduced level of signal smear pays off in ease of listening and you play louder - simply because you can.

Is it worth the money? Wrong question. If you have seriously high-quality gear, seriously high-quality speakers, then you probably spent quite some money on it all and +1800 EUR may be a smaller part of the overall system and suddenly be far less than e.g. buying a new high-end phono cartridge.

The Rev-851 is one of my permanent stock speakers. Maybe traditional, but who says tradition doesn't last. ScanSpeak has just updated some D2008/D2010 tweeters that was introduced some 50 years ago. Make it right and it stands the test of time.




Midrange-tweeter crossover.


New crossovers ready for mounting.


I had to make a trench for the Amber-Z capacitor due to size and I didn't want to adjust the feet more than some 5-10 mm extra height.


The bass crossover.