Revelator-851, built by Jason, UK
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
The Revelator 851s are finished and have had some running in.  The cabinets are 18mm MDF with a 3mm bamboo veneer, this is lined with 4mm bitumous damping panels also.  The front baffles are 24mm solid bamboo ply.   
They have a very engaging sound and the detailed presentation (to my ears) is particularly noticeable.  They were a little bright for me to start (although not run in) so I increased tweeter attenuation a little (plus 1 ohm).  My CNO4s are reasonably toed in towards the listening position, however, this did not seem the optimum placement for the 851s.  The 851's tweeter dispersion is extremely good and it is extremely good off axis.  After some experimentation these 851s really sing (in my room) with a very small toe in.  To my ears, this creates a perfect tonal balance and the imaging is extremely good.  Another wonderful pair of speakers - fantastic work Troels!  
All the best,