SB29BAC-C000-4 test
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

The SB29BAC-C000-4 is the latest addition to the range of beryllium domes from SBAcoustics and features a ceramic magnet, metal faceplate and front grille. Faceplate is aluminum for four mounting screws, which by any standard is enough for a metal faceplate. Six may look nice, but four does it. Generally the SB29BAC is more robust compared to the SATORI with a grille protecting the fragile metal dome. And it's cheaper. I've found various prices around the web. Polish dealer sells this dome for 817 zloty = 190 EUR. 302 USD @ Madisound. All seems like a steal.

Here a quick check on the new dome, flush mounted on a baffle of 60 x 100 cm @ 2.8V input and measurements done with my CLIO 12.

I haven't tried the new tweeter in any application, but based on specs and measurements, this tweeter looks like a serious contender in a highly competitive market filled with excellent domes. For the DIY'er there has never been better times and I'll certainly use it in future constructions.

Comparing the dome to SATORI TW29BN-B (4 Ohm version).

Download specs here.

SPL from the two SB29BAC-C000-4 units @ 2.8V/1 meter. Quite a matched pair.

Here compared to the Satori TW29BN-B (4 Ohm).
Due to the ceramic magnet the SB29BAC is less sensitive compared to the Satori, but who needs 96-97 dB? 93 dB is more than enough for most applications. It will need attenuation anyway

Dispersion at 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40 deg. off-axis.

Impedance of the two units.

Distortion measured at 0.25 m distance at 2.8V, equivalent to ~93 dB/1 meter. Green = 2nd harm., blue = 3rd harm.

Distortion compared to Satori tweeter, purple and light blue.
The difference in distortion below 1 kHz most likely to to relative lower response from Satori driver below 1 kHz.