SBA-10, built by Rajeev
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

It's been a 2 year journey - but they are magnificent, I'm v v happy! Crossovers temporarily placed on small tables, peeping out behind the speakers. Lower cab damping and final port tube installation is pending. 
I've decided to use bitumen damping panels on bass cab side and rear walls. Apart from obvious differences like size, the major difference I find between my Totems and the SBA10 is the possibility of panel resonance (found simply by knocking with the knuckles). If there is a next one, I would use 22mm ply rather than the 19mm which these are constructed of.
It'll probably take me another 10 days to complete the damping/ port/ base(legs) and final fit of the crossovers, meanwhile, a breaking-in period for the drivers and crossovers. Enjoying the sound completely, I realize why Troels' seems to have a soft spot for the SBA10. Cant wait to wake in the morning and listen, can't wait to get home from work and listen.
Warm regards.