SBAcoustics SBA-16-MTM, built by Marcus/Sweden
Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels!
Now they are done and I have been enjoying them for the past 9 months or so. It was a fun project and it really kept me energized last winter during the "lockdown".
They are built from 19mm black MDF and then finished off with Osmo Hard Wax Oil (Satin). The finish turned out better than expected and I really recommend building with black MDF - it is harder and doesn't "flake" that easily compared to conventional MDF.
And the sound? I am picky, and in the beginning I was not super impressed - but after some burn-in (it took quite a long time actually - longer than other speakers I have had/built) it is truly fantastic loudspeaker. I did some experimentation with R1 and I can't remember what is in there now, but I think I settled for 1,8 ohm instead of the original 2,2.
Thanks a lot Troels for your website and all of the work that you do! For me the entire project of researching, planning, building and evaluating the end result is really what I enjoy the most. So now I am back in the researching phase again - let's see what I will build next.
Markus, Sweden