SBA-3WC, built by Evelio
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
Two years ago I built your 3 way classic SBA kit from Jantzen. They're amazing, I'm still enjoying them! Thanks again
I wonder if you can give me your opinion about stands to make the most of the speakers
-Should I put something between the speaker and the stand? I'm using Ikea adjustable wood stools (at their lowest height they get sturdy and don't wabble) I have nothing between them now
-Is it ok to put felt pads under the legs of the stools (touching the floor) or is it better to leave the bare wood... or using any other material?
At some point I would like to build some stands like the ones on the third picture, I imagine they will be better than my stools.


Hello Evelio
If you IKEA stools are steady, they should do well and maybe hard rubber pads on the legs would be OK. But stands like the Yamaha stands would be ideal. I would use blu tack between the cabinets and the stands. 4 pcs ~10 mm spheres should do.
Best regards and thanks for reporting back on your project.