SBA-61-NAC, built by Gordon
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels, I have just completed a pair of your level 1 SBA 61NAC design. It took me a few weeks as I went for a high gloss lacquered finish which was quite a bit of work - grain filling, 10 coats of lacquer, wet and dry sand and final polishing. They do look rather splendid IMO!
I powered them up a couple of nights ago, quite late, and my initial thoughts were crisp detailed highs but I wasn't sure about the bass response. Later that night I realised in my attempt to get them finished that day I had forgotten to cut the port tube to the correct length and omitted the acoustilux! Next morning I put that right and switched them on again, and turned up the volume a bit. Wow, I was surprised how good the bass was from a small cabinet. I have listed to quite a bit of music now and I'm very pleased with the speakers. One thing worth noting is how well they delivered the voice of Joanna Newsom; I have heard a few speakers that make her voice sound quite shrill and edgy but the SBA 61NAC's gave a very clean vocal.
Attached a couple of pictures with more at