SBAcoustics, SBA-761, built by Mirek, UK

Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels

Firstly I would like to thank you for sharing all your amazing work. I have been following your website for some time now and I was inspired to build my first hi-fidelity speakers.

In October 2019 I took a brave pill and decided to build one of your designs. Starting with something easy to build was priority for me. After months of reading and debating I have settled on SBA761 design mainly due to the benefits of the 1st order crossover design and compact size to fit nicely in my small living room. I have purchased the full kit from Jantzen Audio in October 2019 but It wasn't till the end 2020 and the Christmas break that I finally managed to finish this project. For cabinets I have used 21mm Birch plywood. I have made two modifications to the design; thickness of woofers baffle was increased to 42mm and bracing in both MW16 & MW19 cabinets was added. The cabinet depth was increased to compensate for loss of volume. I had ordered pre-cut panels from adding spares front baffle panels in case any hole cutting going wrong, which it did. Most time consuming for me was routing the drivers holes and putting crossovers together. Due to increased thickens I have chamfer both woofer holes to insure good airflow. Gluing part was easy and fun as I could see speakers finally started to come together. Finished cabinets were sprayed with satin white paint.

The speakers are driven by DIY Purifi 1et400a Class D stereo amplifier and RME ADI-2 FS PRE/DAC. I have found that these drivers needed some good running time to get to full potential. Placement in the room was crucial, I'm sure that in a larger and well treated room it would be easy, but in my small room (square shape W4m x L4.3m) I use REW software to find the best placement. At the end best results I got with equilateral triangle setup, about 1.9m away and speaker toe-in fully to the listening spot. Additionally I have applied some EQ corrections between 40-500hz.

The end result is just spectacular. I can't stop listening to them and now rediscovering my music collection again. Now I understand what you mean about the sound of 1st order design. This is just effortless, open, full of energy presentation. There is a perception of sound that is not coming out of the drivers, is just there present around them. The sound stage is wide and deep with very accurate placement. I was mostly impressed with orchestra and classical music which I can listen to for hours at high volume without any discomfort. These speakers are astonishing value for money with quality Satori drivers.
Best Regards