SBA-16-MTM, built by Berat, Denmark
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels, 
I wanted give my feedback about your design.
I have a small dedicated room for my music system. It is hard for me to use any speaker in this 12sqm space with not so high ceiling. 
It took me some time to choose the right one for my needs:
Deep sound stage with layered instruments playing closer to the listenner than the vocals.
And this is what I got with Satoris. Very realistic representation of human voices is giving me shivers even though they are running since 50-60 hours only.
Even though my room has enough aborbancy potential through treatments, I had to use some dsp via my streamer for the bass produced by SBA-MTM16s.
I am quite satisfied with the performance for now and expect to hear their full performance in couple of weeks
Best regards/