SBA-MTM, built by Gordon
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Troels, I have just finished a pair of SBA 16 MTM speakers, finished in birds eye maple veneer. It is an excellent speaker; the detail is wonderful and I was very pleased with the bass output. I first listened to them alongside my Illuminator 4's and was able to compare them. The treble and upper mid I like as much as the Illuminator's, perhaps the tone more so as the Illuminators are a bit more transparent. Obviously, the bass is deeper on the Illuminators but if I only had the SBA 16's I would be delighted. Self is build is, to me at least, a no brainer in terms of value and satisfaction from building something so good myself.
Last Friday I had the opportunity to listen to a pair of Wilson Audio Sabrina's (£19k) on a set up identical to my system at home. IMO the Illuminators were better over the entire frequency range.
Next I intend to try the SBA 61NAC