SBA MTM, built by John, NL
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
Just finished my "basic made" SBA 16 MTM dÁpollito loudspeakers from your site. This was a "quick and dirty" made try and listen project. Made from Oak wood, wax finish in combination with some leather look front covers. As i also just finished my "jumbo project"(took me 2 years) 6C33c Single-Ended tube amplifier, i was looking for a good combination of speakers for this amp.
Now i must say, i found this well suited combination in your SBA 16 MTM speakers! Wow, what a sound! They produce body, mid and treble in a way i never heard before in combination with a tube amplifier producing 15 Watts RMS. Diana Krall is visiting my living room, and i fell in love with her;) The 91dB efficiency is a well done marriage to my amp. 30~40% of the full power of my amp gives a live concert feeling in my room. I respect your dimensions to the construction, and it pays off!
Thanks for sharing your extraordinary work to the D.I.Y. community, i am very grateful to you!
Now I am convinced to do the job again, using a more complex cabinet in Walnut finish to share my amp.
Best regards,
For those interested:
(68 KGS tube amplifier combination);
The amp consists of 2 cabinets;
-A 36KGS "Virtual Battery Power Supply" doing a superb job to provide the amp from a clean DC power voltage
-A 32KGS Single-Ended 6C33c (Battleship tube) amplifier, based on the Glass-Audio article on the internet.