SBA-MTM and SEAS W15/OW1, John, The Netherlands
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I finished 2 designs of you, the well known Seas mini monitors, which i love so much. And the Satori SBA-16-MTM , budget version to discover it's potentials.
The Seas monitors were made to match with my new self made 15Wrms 6C33c SE tube amplifier. i know, low efficiency icw tube amp, but i love the combination! The soundstage of this speaker and 3-D experiency is beyond believe. Enough power to enjoy quite summer evenings with some Jazz / Bluess music.
The Satori's are of a very high price/quality level.
I lo​ve the body they present, and the d'apollito design.
These speakers match very well with the 6C33c amp, and will give many hours of music fun.
Keep up the good work, i love your designs and admire your efforts which you share with the rest of us.
Best regards,
John Eekels (Holland)