SBA MW19, built by Dominic
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

I finished my SBA MW19 project at the weekend and am now two days into new speaker bliss. I'm really pleased with their sound as well as as new pieces of furniture in my home.
The baffle design was somewhat inspired by your construction photos for the 16MTM, where routing the internal chamfer around the driver hole produced nice distortion effects on the parallel end grain. I recycled the last of a rose wood coffee table to make the book ends on the mid-woofer baffle. Overall It's been a great project and fun learning to use a new portable table saw. I don't have a workshop so it's all been done in my back garden. One or two minor mistakes, but I think only I will ever notice them.
I've attached a few photos you are welcome to share.
Many thanks,