SBA61-NAC, built by Paul

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I want to share my SBAcoustics 61-NAC build, attached are some pictures.
But firstly, thank you for an excellent speaker kit, the speakers sound really, really good.
I do not know what format you want the pictures to be in, or if I should upload them somewhere else.
Because we are beginners in woodworking, it took me and my son Daniel (we were rebuilding another pair of speakers also) almost a year and a half to finish the project, because we initially had some trouble creating 45degree corners like you do. 
Finally, we went for a much simpler build with 90degree corners/boards and manual bonding of top and bottom veneers, this worked out perfectly, the edges are perfect.
We live in the northern Czech Republic, but I have also lived in Sweden for over 20 years, "studerade fysik pa Goteborgs Universitet".
Detailed specification:
-level 2 crossover
-19mm HDF board
-0,6mm Ash veneer painted with Johnstones floor varnish ,clear satin, 3 layers with brush, last layer with cloth, the finish is truly good.
-Top and bottom veneer applied manually. rest of HDF boards done by professional veneer shop.
-Front panel painted by local car painting shop, semi matt white finish
-Speaker stands built from some leftover aluminium square tubes that I filled with concrete.
-My setup: Roon server running on QNAP TVS-672N NAS, Ropieee running on raspberry3, coax SPDIF to DAC, homemade power amp.