SEAS 3WC mkII, built by Frédéric, Switzerland
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels ,
After a period of 4 months I’ve finished a pair of Seas Classic MkII. Thank you for your help and many thanks to Jantzen as well! I’ve chosen the Seas Classic MkII as a first project on your website to reach a good price/performance ratio and I’m not disappointed…
Regarding the construction -if you remember our emails- I’ve first built cabinets for Scanspeak thinking that they were the same. Bad luck or misunderstanding but it increased my skills in terms of cabinet construction J
I could add a lot of tips and tricks for this construction but everyone has his own skills and has the chance to develop them by working. I’ll just add a comment about crossover soldering; it was quite difficult to solder the components to the copper wire. I would rather use Jantzen wires (remove the sleeve, of course) for the next time.
For finishing I’ve used oak peel and stick veneer (I could give you the website if you are interested in because they offer a good service!) which worked quite good and 1K textured painting.
Finally the sound…The first 5 minutes were embarrassing but it dramatically changed in few minutes. I’m now using them with 20w SE monoblock amplifier which is just enough. I’ve also tried Hypex UcD180. Bass are so fast and dry but they do not reproduce the midrange and soundstage as the SE do. I’ll not give further details since -as you mention- we all have our own ears!
I’m now ready for the next project...